Nothing lasts forever

Tools and mechanisms that work now may not stay competitive in the future.

PROGRESS or TRANSFORM with adequacy and practicality isn’t a pipe dream, if we worked at it with Regenerative Methodology that extends the logic, reasoning and critical thinking of past and current ingenuity; that incorporates a constant formula of sophisticated simplicity; that adopts GOOD FAITH human touch; and that spontaneously drives continuous improvement.

The methodology CentriFusion shares here is informed by past masterpieces of Buddhist’s Prajnaparamita Sutra «波若波羅密多心經», Taoism’s Tao Te Ching «道德經», and Confucianism’s Chung Yong «中庸», modernized by management experience working alongside North American, European, East Asian and Australian small, medium and large corporations, manifested in western scientific method, for contemporary and future borderless applications.

May Good Faith guide YOUR Way of Adequacy and Practicality through it all


Apply Near-Far Vision

Look close so that you don’t stumble; look far so that you are charged with Mental Power and Direction

Assemble YOUR Wheel of Fortune

Aligned and congruent Business Fundamentals, Stakeholder Experience and Supportive Commercials brings you Good Fortune

Design Driving Mechanisms

An enabling mechanism must be recognised effective in closing Stakeholder reality and experience gaps

Make Good Faith Connection

Connection won’t initiate or sustain unless there is Good Faith Adequacy and Practicality in operation

Drive with Power x Direction x Mechanism

Engage, regenerate and turn the Wheel of Fortune with YOUR team

Sustain with Dual Currency

Constantly adjust to the changing world by exchanging information and resources with Mental Power, Direction and Mechanism

May Good Faith guide YOUR Way of Adequacy and Practicality through it all